Bell Canyon Equestrian Center is a beautiful stable nestled in the exclusive Bell Canyon residential community, safely behind a 24 hour guarded gate and conducive to both Los Angeles and Ventura. Conveniently located between the 101 and 118 freeways, you feel a million miles away from the city while still being close by. Stalls are 12 x 12 or 12 x 24 with a fly spray system, automatic waterers, multiple turnouts of varying sizes, three well maintained rings and miles of trails just off the property. Board (payable to BCEC) starts at $760 monthly and includes Alfalfa or Bermuda hay, with Timothy or Orchard available for an additional fee.



  •  Individually tailored training program for both horse and rider based on personal goals for home and shows
  • Combination of lessons, training rides, hacks, and occasional trail rides 5-6 days per week based on what is in the best interest of the horse
  • Communication and discussion with client about progress and learning of both horse and rider
  • Any necessary ground work or desensitization
  • Full grooming/tacking + basic supplies
  • Show trim and mane pull
  • Body clipping as needed for additional fee
  • Ice/wraps/poultice as necessary
  • Turnout and blanketing services
  • Feeding of CDF provided grain and free choice minerals and client provided supplements
  • Management of and attention to all care appointments such as shoeing, vet work, body work, etc
  • Administration of veterinary care/rehabilitation services as needed
  • Cleaning of bits and bridles
  • Laundering of pads, wraps and towels

Full training and care is priced at $1150/mo.



Customized partial training and care is available, pricing depends on riders' and horses' needs. Contact Kelly to discuss. 



 Limited availability on lesson horses  $75/hr
Packages and half hours available



  • Training: $70 per day horse is at show
  • Grooming: $400 per week or $65/day + tip for three days or less
  • Medication/special supplements: billed individually per show

To be split between client horses:

  • Trainer expenses
  • Grooming expenses
  • Supplies/utility stalls
  • Setup costs

Deposits required for long trips or series of shows



  • 10% commission on all purchases, sales, and leases
  • Client responsible for travel costs; per diem may apply for more than a half day of travel


We are proud to feed Dynamite Specialty products for optimal nutrients, absorption, and health. Clients will be assisted in setting up a Dynamite account for supplements tailored to their horses needs.